Asset management

Your assets in safe hands

Make active and balanced investments. Customer assets ought to grow continually in the long term. Balance, diversification and appropriate safeguards against risks are the aims of our financial management. The increasing dynamism of the international financial markets requires permanent monitoring. Only persistent, active monitoring of what is happening on the market allows appropriate reaction and cautious adjustment of asset allocation.

Independence means creative freedom.
As an independent asset manager, we are not tied to any interests other than the client's. We work together with various banks and are free to choose from investment products. Our actions are based not on the internal investment guidelines of any bank, but on cultivating your assets.

Maintain value before maximising returns. Our investment philosophy is directed to maintaining value long-term and continuously adding value. Spectacular short-term success is usually connected with high risks, and does not correspond with our trading maxims of prudence, continuity and discipline when dealing with assets entrusted to us.

«Balance and continuity when dealing

with assets entrusted to us form the
centrepiece of our actions. Only prudence

and discipline lead to success.»


Stefan Gack, Andrea Tschirky